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Producing companies and trading companies depend on air and sea freight transports. The purchase of associated transport services is mostly manual and unstructured, using Excel, with complex individual communication via email, telephone or fax. Received offers are often incomplete, the offer items difficult to compare and the calculation methods of delivery costs are different and complicated.

Modern web software enables companies to obtain air and sea freight transport services efficiently and autonomously from their partners in order to have an optimal decision-making basis for the transport assignment. They retain full control of their supply chain without the involvement of third parties.

4 steps: compare transport quotations the easy way

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Much better than manual processes

I was surprised how easy it is to obtain offers from logistics service providers and compare them clearly. This is a significant improvement to the manual process.

Nico Bähring, Export and Customs
Wesemann Laboratory Technology

Super simple cost calculation for shipments

Now I always have quotes and rates available very fast, can easily calculate the transport costs and select a logistics service provider.

Pietro Nicotra, Managing Director

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