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Use the advantages of OYASO


Simplify tasks

Manual routine work is done for you. The software is fast, accurate and frees up time for more important activities.

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keep control

You remain independent and can process data at any time with Excel or in other systems.

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Improve overview

Information and process steps are automatically documented and are completely visible to you in one place.

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Get started right away

No installation is necessary. You can just start online. Without training or system introductions.

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Optimize process

Simply map your existing process. This is how you benefit from the advantages. Without any training or conversion.

Price-performance counts

The cheapest offer is not always the best. Decide which offer is suitable based on various criteria.

Digitize your freight purchase in 3 steps

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3. Save time

The best logistics teams trust in the personal network.

OYASO helps its users to compare transport offers, manage logistics service providers, control the supply chain and improve work processes.


All freight offers, promotions and communication transparently bundled in one place to make your team even better.


Structures the solicitation and comparison of offers. Improves the traceability and reproducibility of inquiries.


Regardless of whether it's daily prices, rates and tariffs. You receive complete, comparable and compact offers without having to dig through masses of emails or PDFs.


Always make the best decisions based on transport criteria and price. If you do want to work with Excel, you get standardized data sets at the push of a button.


Each team has individual requirements for transport and cooperation with forwarding agents. Simply map your existing process online.

Seamlessly integrate

Integrate the tool flexibly in all upstream and downstream processes. Download Excel data or network your IT system via an API interface.

Manage shipping companies

Continue working directly with all of your existing carriers. You and your team are in control of your own network.

Complete network

All your service providers can submit offers without registration, login, costs or complicated onboarding with just a few clicks.

Start without obligation

No installation is necessary, you can start without training or system introductions. Get started right away.

This is what users say about the application

Comparison costs with Excel, email, telephone

from 16.800 EUR / year
+ Induction, fluctuation

from 70.000 EUR / year
+ Headhunting, administrative costs

from 300.000 EUR / year
+ Headhunting, administrative costs

Cost of alternatives

Management consultancy
from 150, - EUR / hour
+ Outflow of knowledge

Classic platform
from 8.000 EUR / month
+ Your company data

Free tools / platforms
Your company data
+ Costs for your contacts

Automate routine tasks and free up time for more value-adding activities.

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