Tool for obtaining and comparing transport offers

OYASO is a tool for digitizing manual processes and helps senders save time. The communication between senders and logistics service providers is structured, incoming data are prepared clearly and a reliable basis for decision-making is provided. In addition, senders have a central data collection of inquiries, prices and transports.

We attach great importance to the fact that the application is pleasant and efficient for logistics service providers. If you encounter problems, have technical questions or information, please contact us at any time.



✓ No platform / freight exchange /market analysis

✓ No service provider pool / benchmark

✓ No automatic request / assignment

Nothing changes for you

✓ No registration

✓ No costs

✓ No installation

✓ PDF archiving possible

✓ You will still receive quotation requests by email

Advantages for logistics service providers

✓ Flexible offer design

✓ All industry standards available

✓ Higher security than when sending emails

✓ Error validation for correct offer submission

✓ No need to re-enter for rate updates