Quote and price comparison for air freight, sea freight and overland transport

OYASO web software allows you to efficiently and independently get standardized transport quotations for air freight, sea freight and overland transport in order to have an optimal basis for decision-making process. You retain full control of your supply chain without the involvement of freight consultants or platforms.

Your benefits

oyaso-comparison-airfreight seafreight-freight quotation-offer-use-automation


Standardized process for requesting and receiving quotations.

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Request any number of partners and increase quote frequency without additional effort.


Time savings and cost reduction respectively
up to 60% possible.

oyaso-transport-offers air freight-sea shipment-compare-benefits-control


Supports cooperation with existing logistics partners.

oyaso-comparison-airfreight seafreight-freight quotation-offer-use-simplicity


Software structured process facilitates internal job handover.

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Calculate and compare shipment costs fast and accurately.

Product details

✓ Spot and Rates

✓ Air freight, sea freight, rail freight, overland transport

✓ FCL and LCL

✓ Import customs clearance

✓ Transport insurance

✓ 160 currencies

✓ all Incoterms

✓ all container types

✓ all dangerous goods classes

✓ Airfreight security status

✓ all countries worldwide

✓ all ports worldwide

✓ all airports worldwide

✓ all terminals worldwide

✓ Language: DE and EN

✓ automatic e-mail updates

✓ Copy old requests

✓ renegotiate

✓ quote combination

✓ automatic cost calculation

✓ automatic currency conversion

✓ place order

✓ ERP interface

✓ Single Sign-On (SSO)


Time saving and easy to use

With Excel and email it was time-consuming to obtain and compare offers. Now I can concentrate on working with our service providers and more important activities.

Guido Fritze, Logistics Manager

Much better than manual processes

I was surprised how easy it is to obtain offers from logistics service providers and compare them clearly. This is a significant improvement to the manual process.

Nico Bähring, Export and Customs
Wesemann Laboratory Technology

Super simple cost calculation for shipments

We now have quotes and rates available very fast, can easily calculate the transport costs and select a logistics service provider.

Pietro Nicotra, Managing Director

4 steps: compare transport quotations the easy way

1. Register for free
Use the web software one month for free and without obligation.

2. Enter information
Enter complete shipping information easily and conveniently.
3. Send request
Decide to which of your contacts you send a request.
4. Compare + Decide
Calculate tranport costs fast and accuratly, with full process control.
Try it now
Write to info@oyaso.com to test the application.

The 2 biggest problems in getting transport offers

1. High procedural effort

  • Excel, phone or email mess
  • Individual communication with logistics service providers
  • Manually gather all information
  • Incomplete quotations
  • Quotation positions not comparable
  • Different calculation methods
  • Maintainance of Excel templates

2. Platforms and freight consultants complicate the process

  • Stresses the personal relationship with logistics service providers
  • Extensive preparation
  • Intransparency of the bidding process
  • Loss of control over the supply chain
  • Expensive service
  • Actual savings unclear
  • Just registered logistics service providers available

The solution: OYASO web software

Lean, efficient processes

  • Bundled communication in one place
  • Standardized quotation structure
  • Personal contact with logistics service providers is maintained
  • Complete quotes without incorrect entries
  • Clearly prepared results
  • Calculate shipment costs without errors

Advantages for logistics service providers

  • No registration needed
  • No costs
  • PDF archiving possible
  • Individual offer design
  • All industry standards available
  • Supports error-free quote submission
  • Higher security than email

Easy usage

  • No software installation necessary
  • No system requirements regarding network, firewall etc.