Free Excel offer templates for your freight request

You prefer Excel? With our standardized Excel offer templates you have the possibility to get air freight and sea freight transport offers from your logistics partners by email. You can specify all relevant shipping information in the templates. Your partners will receive all the necessary information to submit complete transport offers. The templates automatically calculate the volume weight, the total weight and the total cost of your shipment. You can also select parameters such as currency and calculation bases.

Excel templates for spot freight offers

Template Air Freight Spot / Adhoc Offer

Template Sea Freight LCL Spot / Adhoc Offer

Template sea freight FCL Spot / Adhoc bid

Template Rail Freight LCL Spot / Adhoc Offer

Template Rail Freight FCL Spot / Adhoc Offer

Excel templates for rates freight offers

Submission air freight rates offer

Template sea freight LCL rates offer

Template sea freight FCL rates offer

Template rail freight LCL rates offer

Template rail freight FCL rates offer

What advantages does Web software offer compared to Excel?

oyaso-comparison-airfreight seafreight-freight quotation-offer-use-automation

Simplify tasks

Manual routine work is done for you. That frees up time for more important activities.

oyaso-transport-offers air freight-sea shipment-compare-benefits-efficiency

Improve overview

Information and process steps are automatically documented and are completely visible to you in one place.

Price-performance counts

The cheapest offer is not always the best. Decide which offer is suitable based on various criteria.

oyaso-transport-offers air freight-sea shipment-compare-benefits-control

keep control

You remain independent and can process data at any time with Excel or in other systems.

oyaso-comparison-airfreight seafreight-freight quotation-offer-use-simplicity

Get started right away

No installation is necessary. You can just start online. Without training or system introductions.

oyaso-comparison-airfreight seafreight-freight quotation-offer-use-transparency

Optimize process

Simply map your existing process. This is how you benefit from the advantages. Without any training or conversion.

You are tired of Excel?

Obtain transport offers in 4 steps, compare and save up to 80% time!

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2. Enter information
Enter complete shipping information easily and conveniently.
3. Send request
Decide to which of your contacts you send a request.
4. Compare + Decide
Calculate tranport costs fast and accuratly, with full process control.
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